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Executive Search

Connecting top talent with leading companies

We specialize in executive search services, helping companies find top-level talent. With our extensive network and rigorous recruitment process, we identify and attract candidates who possess the skills and experience necessary to drive business success.We provide various contingent search, retained search, and staffing solutions. 

Applicants in the waiting room

Executive Search. The RiverForest Way. 

Find top talent risk-free with our pay-as-you-hire
 contingent search  solution

No upfront fees
Best for jobs with
general skills
Complete flexibility

Or, work with a dedicated team of recruiters in our highly personalized  retained search  solution

Highly personalized
Best for senior management positions
pricing packages

Want to expedite search and onboarding? Rely on our pre-screened pool of candidates via our growing  staffing  solution

Variable contract lengths
Reduced administrative workload

Our extensive database of over  1,000,000  pre-screened candidates enables us to quickly find top-quality candidates for your business. Say goodbye to the frustration of endless searching - let us find the perfect match for your next job opening.

Our Commitment to Your Organization

We are committed to representing our client's best interests throughout the executive search process with honesty, transparency, and integrity.

We are committed to providing personalized service to each of our clients to ensure their unique needs and goals are met throughout the entire search process.

We are committed to upholding ethical labor practices and promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion in all aspects of our work.

Experience at the very top. 
Some recently completed niche & senior management searches: 

Senior Vice President
(Change Management)
Global Delivery Center
Head of Marketing
Leading Private Bank
Chief Economist
Leading Multinational Bank
Senior Vice President
Credit Bureau
Head of Debt Capital Markets
Leading Private Bank
Chief Financial Officer
Leading Non-Banking
Financial Company
Vice President
Leading Private Bank
(Product Engineering)
Global Digital Solutions Firm
Senior Vice President
Securities Services
(EMEA & India Region)

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