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Contingent Recruitment

RiverForest Connections is a Canadian/US based RECRUITING FIRM with Contingent Hiring, Staffing and RPO services..

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Staffing is today’s Talent Agenda! Workforce Planning, Recruiting, Deployment, Placements are processes while staffing..

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Outsource Recruiting

We will be your 100% Recruiters. For all Hiring Needs. Be accountable as your own and more. Here is a great opportunity..

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RPO – Select Jobs

24/7, 365 day RPO service from highly trained – low-cost Recruiters specialized in jobs in Banking Operations, Customer Care..

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RPO Industry and Job Family

Sectors – RiverForestConnections Recruiters are trained in jobs pertaining to Banking, Financial Services..

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Mature Workforce Jobs


Customized only for USA and Canadian market, to enhance job opportunities and increase employment levels for mature, seasoned, experienced hires, RiverForest Connections LLC in association with RiverForest Imaginet Technologies Inc. ( A Joint Venture with ImagiNET Ventures Private Limited, Dallas, TX) conducts On-Line and Class Room competency assessments, change management profiling, talent testing, aptitude building, competency gap analysis, skillset profile building, employability keeping changes in the digital world in mind. This solution facilitates mature employees to obtain jobs in USA and Canada.

This solution includes use of CMP 2020 – Career Reorientation Mapping, CMAP Inventory, Competency Mapping and Assessment of Personality Inventory, Personal Style Inventory – PSI, PABST – Personality Assessment and Behavioral Style Typology, and Digital Culture Adaptability – DAC 15 . Post completion of testing, candidates are provided feedback on potential areas for focused development/training and readiness for job market. and includes digital market coaching, counseling and confidence building.

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Psychometric Testing

Global Testing for Education, Careers, Jobs, Recruiting Demystified! Counseling for Academic Options, School Choice, Major – Minor Specialization, CV Writing, Post Qualification Job Referrals, Career Aptitude Psychometric Testing, Culture Sensitivity, Adapting to the USA – Canadian Way.

Career Aptitude Testing and  Job Preparation Training. Practice includes using Career Competency – Personality Inventories, Aptitude – Psychometric.

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RPO – Business Model

Plan A – Team Leader and Senior Recruiter – Analytics, KPIs, Talent Mapping, Competitive Landscape, Competency Maps, BEI, Assessments, Cross Culture Adaptability Graph and Psychometric Tested.

Plan B – Senior Recruiter – Analytics, KPIs, Competency Maps, BEI, Assessments, Cross-Culture Adaptability Graph and Psychometric Tested.

Plan  C – Experienced Recruiter – Reports, BEI, Assessments, Psychometric Tested.

Plan  D – Recruiter – Reports, Hiring Researcher, Candidates Profiling, Target Search

An RPO strategically value adds and performs a role as a business process driven internal recruitment/hiring/placement/on-boarding function for select job roles and activities performed by business by HR. Firms that offer RPO services take accountability for managing the entire recruiting/hiring process including job profiles, enrichment, role clarity through the attraction, enrolment, deployment, and on-boarding of the new hire, including enabling..

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UnivCanada Business School

RiverForest Connections LLC (US) in collaboration with UnivCanada delivers On Line E-Learning Programs focused on providing job oriented knowledge, skills, and competencies in the fields of Strategy and Entrepreneurship, General Management and Digital Human Resources Management.


RiverForest Connections - Our Businesses

About RforC

RiverForestConnections, a member of The RiverForest Group, is a BFSI – Big 4 specialist Recruitment firm of 30 years standing, in Executive Search, Hiring, RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing), Staffing and Contingent Hiring including a USA/Canada dedicated Recruiting for Mature – Experienced and Seasoned Workforce. Sectors include Banking, Financial Services, Credit Cooperative, Private Lending, Insurance, Broking, PEs, Hedge Funds, Venture Capital, Credit Rating, IT, Digital, SaaS Software Service, Audit, Tax, Advisory, Management Consulting. Functions and Roles include Audit, Accounting, HR, Planning, Legal, Sales, Marketing, IoT, Big Data, Devices, Machine Learning, AI, Robotics, Software Development, Analytics, BPO, KPO, etc.

RiverForest Group specializes in Transaction Advisory focusing on Capital, Growth and Cost Management. Investments include www.RforC.com, www.AssessCenter.Com, www.SchooleyMitchell.com, www.RiiMagine.Com, www.KENCareers.Com, www.DAARiverForest.com, www.RiverForestEStore.Com and include IT Services, Software Development, Global Market Entry, Talent Management Softwares, Psychometrics, Overseas Education Services, Immigration for Global Education, Retail SMART Store, Indo Oriental Western Tech Fashions and Mature Jobs in USA/Canada.

RiverForest Group has a presence in the US (Florida, North Carolina), Canada (Oakville, Burlington, Toronto)  and India (Maharashtra, Chennai).


Talent Mapping leverages Recruiters understanding of client organizations for an engagement experience for both candidates and the client. This necessitates them to conduct deep competitive landscape investigation, build organization structures, gain significant knowledge of job role, experience, banding, areas of responsibility, KPIs, and peer equivalencies.

Eight Step RPO Process – Client Organization Priority Matrix, Competitive Landscape Alignment, Job Role Identification, Recruiting Team Selection, KPI and Targets, Socialization and Integration, Test Case Period, Confirmation and Start-Up.

Behavioural Event Interview (BEI) is a structured interview format that is used to collect information about an individual’s past behavior. BEI is based on the premise that past behavior is the best predictor

RiverForestConnections provides a full array of Talent Management Services that address all aspects of the Talent Cycle from Planning, Staffing, RPO, Recruitment to Competency Assessment and Placement.

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