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Why Do CEOs Fail?


Why Do CEOs Fail?

CEOs with Perseverance, desire and passion riding the wave of popularity is best placed to make change happen in the short term. But we need to remember that it is only the short term. For in this time only charm & excitement based charisma sells. Substance is rarely recognized and the romantic phase continues unchanged. But in their excitement to bring about this change they do things that borders on appeasement, rewards for the loyal, positions for the camp strategists, roles for the aligned and extricating competent professionals either because they are perceived as potential competition in future or those who have stood by as stable advisors, mature practitioners of a service line and those who confront and speak the truth to their leaders.

But we often forget that most cultural change efforts are spearheaded by a changed CEO, not by someone who believes that he has been ordained by a higher power but one who has the humility to understand that his people have made him the Boss.


Posted by ZuzukiSX4  Posted on 14 Mar 
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