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The Search Process


The Search Process

Develop an Understanding of the Organization

The insight gained during our initial discussion was very useful in understanding your recruitment needs. To better facilitate the process it is most important that we meet with the key executive important to the search and involved with the position – to further understand your organization’s history, culture and operating structure. We would also like to review any relevant documents, including compensation and benefit data, statistical and financial information, and product or service literature and organization charts. To effectively represent you in this search, RiverForestConnections International must be as knowledgeable as possible about your organization and its operating culture prior to discussing the position with prospective candidates. If you feel others within your firm can add to this knowledge base, we would be interested in talking with them as well.

Develop Position Specification

A draft position specification is developed based on our discussions. This Confidential Position Specification serves as an information piece to be given to serious candidates for the position and describes the key success factors and priorities of the position, as well as candidate specifications including competencies, experience, and personal qualities being sought. This is not only a way of summarizing our understanding, but is the key marketing tool we will be using in attracting prospective candidates to this opportunity. The position specification will be reviewed with you and will serve as a guide in determining whom we will contact during the course of the search. Please carefully review the position specification to ensure that you and your colleagues are in agreement with all elements.

Identify Qualified Candidates

Upon your approval of the position specification, we will begin to search for candidates.

Targeted Research

Based on our agreed search criteria and strategy, we will identify an extensive list of target companies and research the organization structure in the appropriate functions. Selected individuals will be approached to determine their potential fit with the position requirements and their interest in this position.

Database Review

Our technology capabilities and related research systems, as well as our office information network, are among the largest and most sophisticated in executive recruiting today. Our research centers utilize an extensive database, which contains a wide variety of useful, job-related information about a broad cross-section of successful executives. In addition, a wide range of library and proprietary sources of information is continually updated to help us identify and evaluate qualified candidates for client assignments.

Internally Generated Candidates

Any candidates generated through your own sources or individuals in your company should be included in the overall mix of candidates, as if they were generated directly by RiverForestConnections. This process furthers the overall partnership approach to the search. Each candidate will then be assessed on his/her own merits presented accordingly, and may be evaluated comparatively to the entire candidate pool.

Direct Sourcing

RiverForestConnections will contact individuals previously identified in appropriate industry sectors to discuss the search and to obtain their referral to individuals who could be candidates for the assignment.

Fair Market Practices and Equal Rights Employment Opportunity

These resources will enable us to identify well-qualified candidates including women and minority candidates, as we are committed to equal opportunity recruitment and the presentation of diverse slates of qualified candidates to our clients.

Interview Candidates to Assess Strengths and Limitations

Qualified candidates will be thoroughly interviewed to obtain a realistic understanding of their accomplishments, skill sets, behavioral characteristics, motivations and growth potential. The candidates are evaluated to determine their strengths and any limitations they would bring to the position. Based on information provided by the candidate, a comprehensive CV describing past work experiences & education will be presented to you on each candidate we recommend you interview. We will report progress by telephone and will meet with you personally, when appropriate, to review progress on the assignment.

Conduct a Behavioral Test – Personality and behavioral style typology – PABST

This is a Behavioral Performance Test, covers 11 personality factors, 185 items, validated with norms, 4 levels of emphasis, sten index & covers Positive Attitude, Degree of Integrity, Aggressiveness, Customer Focus, Target Driven, Quick on Uptake, Persuasiveness, Interpersonal Skills, Communication Skills, Tactful Negotiation Skills, Process System Skills – Widely used by business organizations for selections, training, capability development, career planning & promotions and will be made available to you for all final interview candidates.

Present Best-Qualified Candidates to Management

The individuals best qualified for this position will be presented to you in person for consideration. Normally the initial meeting with you will be followed by in-depth interviews with yourself and others, as appropriate, to select the candidate who best satisfies the needs of the position. The client always makes the final selection and offer of employment.

Conduct Reference Checks on Successful Candidates

Once a finalist candidate has been identified and a contingent verbal offer made, it is our practice to speak directly with individuals who are, or have been, in positions to evaluate the candidate’s performance on the job. We rely, therefore, on the information provided to us by those individuals. Written summaries of our conversations with reference providers will be presented to you on each candidate who receives an offer of employment. We also verify educational credentials.


Between 60 and 90 days after the candidate has begun work, we will speak with the candidate and his/her superior. Our role will be to assist the candidate in documenting observations and clearly communicating goals and the resources needed to achieve those goals. It is our experience that this early communication contributes greatly to successful relations between the client & placement.

Criminal Background Check

As a client, you have the option of requesting a criminal background and/or credit check on candidates. Costs for these services will be billed back to the client.
RiverForestConnections does not warrant or guarantee the accuracy of the information provided from third party reports.

Facilitate Offer Negotiation

Once a candidate is chosen, we will assist you in recruiting the individual into the position and into your company to the extent that you require our active involvement. Upon request, we will help you construct a competitive employment offer based on realistic market data and your compensation strategy. We can present the offer and explain it to the chosen candidate. Finally, we can also act as an intermediary in the event changes or adjustments in the initial employment offer are necessary to gain acceptance. Throughout this part of the search process, we will always represent you and act in accordance with your directions.

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