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Talent Acquisition Development Methodology


Talent Acquisition Development Methodology

The Talent Acquisition Solution leverages RiverForestConnections understanding of client organizations for an engagement experience for both candidates and the client. Discreet relationship based search carried out by RiverForest Connections business & H.R consultants helps maintain client confidentiality and manage candidate sensitivities.Strong knowledge base of industry benchmarks and leading practices in compensation, hiring, and talent development practices. Ability to fall back on RiverForestConnections organizations, locally as well as internationally for knowledge, practices & leveraging relationships including an established forensic practice for reference.

Role Profiling
RiverForest Connections builds a cohesive and in-depth competency based role description and provides comprehensive talent landscape and mapping for the identified positions including market information on compensation benchmarks. RiverForestConnections helps the client build an attractive employee value proposition.

Candidate Souring & Selections
RiverForest Connections helps the client organization in establishing a robust selection mechanism and follows a six-stage sourcing and selection process conducted with RiverForestConnections functional and industry specialists. RiverForestConnections employs internationally validated psychometric tools for candidate analysis and evaluation.

Customized On Boarding & Induction
For senior management recruits, RiverForestConnections provides customized induction program RiverForest Connections uses it’s Four Forces© Model for leadership development. The induction programs are carried out through a co-mentoring model by the RiverForestConnections Director / Partner and senior leadership from the client organization.

Industry Specialization
Skill Search International has Extensive industry experience, wide and exhaustive database in the Search business and have successfully completed top management positioning, Vice Presidents, General Manager and Functional Manager Searches in Financial Services, Manufacturing, Fast Moving Consumer Goods, Textiles, Retail, Power, Oil & Petroleum Products, Pharmaceutical and Services Sectors. We also offer specialized service in International Searches in countries like the US, UK, Middle East, Far East, Europe, China, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. We have completed several Presidents, CEO’s, Vice Presidents and Director level positions through on line experience.

Pre Hiring Psychometric Testing and Assessments
Large expansion & new ventures require talent in large numbers to be hired in a short span of time. This is also the time when management attention is needed for making the project operational in the shortest possible time. For example: BPO, Call Centers, New Projects. To help clients manage the multiple tasks simultaneously, we offer services in Manpower Planning & Sourcing in a scientific manner. We use scientific Manpower Planning & Selection tools in ensuring high quality hires. The tools are customized to the client organization vision, strategy & culture. In addition we use Aptitude Tests to measure analytical capabilities

Search Positions for the Board, Top and Middle Management
Specialized Search Services for locating Top Management CEOs/Vice Presidents/ General Managers/Business & Functional Heads and specialist positions. Spend time in understanding the client, the position requirement and search globally/locally for locating a select few, who would fit into the position in terms of competencies, culture and maturity. Help clients’ define/redefine roles to make the fit appropriate

Retained Manpower Planning & Out Sourcing Services
Organizations keen on a scientific and high quality Manpower Planning & Resourcing function have the option of outsourcing the entire function.

Our information processing capabilities and related research systems, as well as our office information network, are sophisticated and state of art. Professional staff members in each of our offices contribute to our candidate identification process. Our research centers utilize an extensive data bank in which personal information is stored and retrieved on a broad cross-section of successful executives. In addition, a wide range of library and proprietary sources of information is continually updated to assist us in identifying and evaluating qualified candidates for client assignments.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing – Project Management
RiverForest Connections helps clients in improving their cost effectiveness by outsourcing / Offshoring non-core processes. RiverForestConnections will help project manage in setting up of the centre including recruitment of members, creating SLAs, KPIs, Training and technology implementation A comprehensive database has been established and is being linked with RiverForestConnections’s database.

Range of Manpower Planning & Resourcing Services for client organizations
This would include scientific Manpower Planning & Budgeting, generation of forms/formats, sourcing of selection systems, actual recruiting and induction of employees. The function can be operated from the client’s premises for immediate & prompt servicing of client needs.

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