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The Psychometric Testing Organization facilitates Assessment and Testing of Individuals and organizations seeking to use Psychological Tools and Techniques to understand and manage in a complex world of business.

The organization conducts and markets tools and techniques including assessment tools, psychometric tests, simulations, career inventories, in baskets, group discussions, case study, dialogue debate, techniques for presentations, organizational surveys, individual, motivational scales & training instruments. The tools would be customized, if required after conducting preliminary meetings with the management to clarify the background, confirm the scope of the usage and application of the tests & tools and understand the business situations and the objectives/ outcomes expected of the project.

The Store Specializes in Assessment, Testing, Inventories, Education Courses, Consulting, And Is pleased to offer a suite of value added solutions customized to specific Corporate Training, and Learning System, needs of the learner in an Individual or Corporate Context.

Psychometric Tests


The 3 tests cover basic verbal usage, simple numerical, spatial, diagrammatic reasoning, visual analysis, logical perspectives. Advanced test deals with Verbal reasoning, language usage, grammatical communication, numerical analytics, conceptual spatial, diagrammatic reasoning, data interpretation, visual analysis logical perspectives -The Business Aptitude Test covers analytical communication usage, professional articulation, long range – analytical planning, forecasting, scenario reasoning, strategy language usage and familiarity with concepts. Includes external communication, information analytics, conceptual spatial, diagrammatic reasoning. Also includes data interpretation, The questions operate on the basis of a data bank and
depending upon the candidates scoring pattern questions on a dynamic basis are drawn from the bank & provided to the candidate while responding.

Numerical Analytix NEA834

This exercise measures basic number skills with an emphasis on straight forward calculation and understanding of arithmetic operation without using calculator.

This holistic personality test covering 15 personality dimensions, including norm tables, deals with individual experiences when behaving in disparate situations. Personality factors deal with dimensions such as agreeableness, introversion, extraversion, conformity, creativity, rule boundedness, adherence to policy, Originality, Openness to Change, Empathy, Competitiveness, Decisiveness, Social Confidence, Assertiveness etc.

A widely used personality style inventory covering 15-personality dimensions including norm tables is based on Myers & Briggs. This self-report also includes learning’s from the ‘Big Five’ measure, constructed using the latest research on personality measurement. Dimensions dealt with include, Introversion, Extraversion, Traditional Adherence, Creativity, Conservatism, Versatility, Adherence, Non Adherence, Perfectionism, Independence, Competitiveness etc. Includes a lie scale.

This is a motivation test, including norm tables, covering Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of Needs. It is relatively ‘short’ and simple. The test can be administered on a 360 degree basis to the entire team to understand team drivers. The test contains considerable degree of versatility and contemporariness that helps to make responses more practical/realistic to today’s business conditions and to facilitate the outcome of the test with greater degree reliability & validity. To help make this meaningful multiple items measures each aspect of the hierarchy and the scale is constructed to provide for considerable flexibility in views.

This is a personality test, norm tables, 16 personality dimensions based on the theories by Cattel. Personality factors deal with dimensions such as tough mindedness versus tender mindedness, agreeableness, introversion,
extraversion, trusting, disciplined, conformity, creativity, focus energy, shrewd, forthright, dominant – submissive, rule boundedness, conscious, adherence to policy, relaxed, Originality, Openness to Change etc.

This is a Test, including norm tables, on Value Application and the Personality Profile of respondents who demonstrate a certain disposition towards a set of values. It is based on realistic situations, with each of the situation dealing with 5 alternatives. To help make this meaningful multiple items measures one aspect of the values hierarchy and one aspect of personality each time and the scale is constructed to provide for considerable flexibility in views & perspectives. In all 5 levels of personality factors are dealt with from being an Optimist to that of being a Realist or a Casuist. And in the Values Continuum it is divided in 8 levels of values from Traditional – Conservatism to Materialistic – Politician.

This is a capability test, including norm tables, covering a core set of 16 personality factors and 110 sub factors. The Test measures Leadership, Negotiations, Task Orientation, Ethics, Integrity, Creativity, Business Acumen, Communication, Problem Solving, Team Playing, Negotiations, Conflict Management, Process Orientation, Strategy Planning, Change Management, Analytical Skills, Goal Setting, People Management, Managing Self and Performance Management.

This is a personality effectiveness test covering a core set of 10 competencies. Self test results are compared with the assessor’s evaluation on similar Personality based competencies and checked for alignment or dissonance. The Test measures leadership, communication, process orientation, strategy Planning, change management, analytical skills, goal setting, people Management, managing self, performance management.

This is a behavioral performance test, covers 11 personality factors, 185 items, Validated with norms, 4 levels of emphasis, sten index & covers.

Positive attitude, degree of integrity, aggressiveness, customer focus, target Driven, quick on uptake, persuasiveness, interpersonal skills, communication Skills, tactful negotiation skills, process system skills – widely used by business Organizations for selections, training, capability development, career planning & Promotions.

This test has variations such as standard personality typology, ogspt, pabst 85, pabst 125 providing a variety of psychometrics in terms of difficulty, Complexity and demographics.

Training Products

Psychometric testing for assessments & personality profiling Practice includes conducting teaching & training in psychometric testing, Assessment testing, values, career preferences, titude surveys, culture – cross Culture fitment, conducting on & off line tests for organizational culture, climate, Employee engagement, company morale – job satisfaction studies, selections, Promotions, assessment centers, placements and career planning.

Psychometric testing for assessments workshop Includes talent testing, complete profile typology tests, leadership and Managerial effectiveness tests, aptitude/intelligence testing, multi rater tests, 16 Pf, mbti, complete personality typology, california personality index, big 5, Spec, mars, astra, self occupational rating, mind style inventory, firo – b, Competency profiling for corporate selection/recruiting, mapping competencies Multiple levels of staff/management, identifying appropriate tests, tools, Simulations, competency interviewing, behavioral cues, group evaluations, Experiencing selection processes.

Products include e learning courses/training (web enabled), hr it products in The areas of general management, functional management, business policy Strategy, job descriptions, managerial & communication skills, business skills, Competency development areas, 360 degree feedback, problem solving, Negotiations, innovation & creativity, people management and performance Management.

Includes detailed methodology on mapping individual capabilities against roles Using the 4 stage – 12 step process outlined in the mcgraw hill publication “competency based human resources management”.

Large expansion & new ventures require talent in large numbers to be hired in a Short span of time. This is also the time when management attention is needed For making the project operational in the shortest possible time. For example: Bpo, call centers, new projects. To help clients manage the multiple tasks Simultaneously, we offer services in manpower planning & sourcing in a scientific Manner. We use scientific manpower planning & selection tools in ensuring the Quality of hires. The tools are customized to the client organization vision, Strategy & culture.

Includes detailed methodology on mapping individual capabilities against roles Using the 4 stage – 12 step process, providing experiential learning to Participants on assessment – development centers and includes assessors Training, individual and group development report writing – includes a module On talent management. Includes competency maps, xperiential learning in Understanding, managing assessment centers, potential competency profile Listing, template construction, simulations, in basket, tests, coaching, action Learning, peer evaluation, individual performance web designs, techniques to Evaluate and be evaluated, includes organizational and individual needs, Learning/knowledge competencies, managerial skills, business leadership Capabilities, team tracking, individual development plans, personal profile Analysis, career templates, action learning, growth path analysis, Strength/weakness analysis, peer feedback.

Consulting Solutions

Employee position evaluation system (special): headcount management To scientifically assess the value of a position for decision supportDefine the objectives of a position, the job to be performed, the responsibilities Involved, the skills needed and the relationship of this position to the other Positions for quantifying benchmarked data, decision support for career Planning Managing structures, sanctioned strength, and job valuation Automatic updating of organization charts on hiring or exit.

E applied intellectual capital assessment base (special) Patented quantitative model for measurement and benchmarking of the Intellectual worth of individuals, teams, departments and various businesses Decision making for optimum levels of manpower, matching intellectual capital Distribution with the business focus and nurturing the human capital for Organizational performance, to scientifically value hr for enhanced market Capitalization.

Star top track information system (special). Top performers For identifying & nurturing the crème de la crème Online monitoring & tracking of the fast trackers Management of development through special grooming, special developmental Inputs, mentoring, cross-functional stints and memberships of task forces Star track 100 helps you identify, nurture, develop and build your leaders. And Star track 100 is an operating manual. The book is for today’s stars, the Potential stars and the possible stars all of whom help make a vibrant Organization.

Star track provides a framework and method to conduct focused mentoring, skill Coaching, competency and development gap analysis and action planning. Star Track contains a functional career-planning matrix drawn from our research on Career assessment and potential planning system.

People scan zone index (psi) (special) for mergers & acquisitions For situations where people related decisions are to be made quickly and under Crisis situations, to assess value of people in an acquisition Irrespective of availability of past data on employees.

Employee rewards disbursement system (special) Decision support for a user on a given scenario basis Incentive schemes – its formulation, tracking and implementation Alternate remuneration and incentive schemes.

Leaders 2010 system (special) long range career planning model battery of identification tests, development tools, training methodologies, early identification of leaders of tomorrow tracking their development throughout their career assessment center models & feedback mechanisms.

People career planning and assessment of talent potential  Pcpatp (special) For effective people career planning and assessment of potential and talent 3-Dimensional model – analyses organizational role, measurement of contribution & Potential factors.

The psychometric testing organization facilitates the sale of assessment and Testing of individuals and organizations seeking to use psychological tools and Techniques to understand and manage in a complex world of business.

The organization conducts and markets tools and techniques including Assessment tools, psychometric tests, simulations, career inventories, in Baskets, group discussions, case study, dialogue debate, techniques for Presentations, organizational surveys, individual, motivational scales & training Instruments.

Illustrative – on line in basket used by kpmg for their clients




List of Tests & Simulations

(Over 1000 tools such as In Basket, Case Studies, Role Plays, Group Discussions, Concept Papers, Contingency exercises available)

Name of Tool Applicability
Aptitude / Intelligence / Competitive Exam Tests
Basic Aptitude and Administration Test Customized for all Levels
Advanced Aptitude and Intelligence Tests Customized for all Levels
Aptitude Test Level 1 – Level 9 Customized for all Levels
Aptitude Inventory V6 Customized for all Levels
Comprehensive Analytics Schema – X and Y Customized for all Levels
Personality Test and Competency Mapping Tests Applicability
Complete Personality Typology Senior Management
Personality Style Inventory All Levels
16 Personality Profile System All Levels
Aptitude Based Personality Assessment and Behavioral Style Typology – V1 Junior & Middle Management
Aptitude Based Personality Assessment and Behavioral Style Typology – V2 Junior & Middle Management
Advanced Aptitude Based Personality Assessment and Behavioral Style Typology Junior & Middle Management
Attitude and Personality Inventory – API Junior & Middle Management
Standard Personality Typology – SPT All Levels
OG Standard Personality Typology – V3 All Levels
Personality Assessment and Behavioral Style Typology All Levels
Integrity Tests Applicability
Value based assessment of personality profile – BBAPP All Levels (Integrity Test)
Individual – Written Case Analysis/ Presentations Applicability
20 Questions Group Competencies
Auto Company Case for Group Work
Behavioral Event Interview Planned Interview – BEI
BPSI (Behavioral Psychological & Situation Interview) Planned Interview – BEI
International Airways Change Management
CGC Limited Conflict Management
Sunshine Holiday Team Camp Team Working
Toothpaste Inc Analysis
Jerry Evans Problem Solving
Managing Strategies Strategy Planning
The People Company Managing People
Infrastructure Concept Concept Paper
Delta Consulting Company In Basket
Global Raj Consulting Report Writing
Funny Circus Contingency Exercise Contingency
Disaster Management Group Decision Making
Herman Inc In Basket
M Brown Role Play – Planning
Mary H Role Play – Organizing
Maxima Oil Company Forecasting
Money Management – Complexity Complexity
OGC Limited Confrontation
Recession – Surviving in a new economy Thinking Ahead
The Jungle Bear Zoo Group Process
Surviving a Disaster Role Play – Leadership
Watt leisure Company Leadership
World Aid Decision Making
John Dawning Leadership
International President Report Writing
Herington Mills In Basket
Global Bank In Basket
Orange County Report Writing

Mapping Competencies To Tools

Competencies Indicative list of tools customized
Customer focus Funny Circus, Watt Leisure, People Bank, 20 questions, Auto Company, Maxima, Global Raj, Social assessment, M Brown, How come they make more money than me?
Team work Funny Circus, Sunshine Team Camp, Watt Leisure, Surviving a Disaster, Mary H, People Company, Maxima, Marjorie Brown, John D, J Evans & Bill Hatter, How come they make more money than me?
Innovation led transformation Funny Circus, BEI, Recession, Watt Leisure, International President, 20 Questions, Auto Company,
People development Funny Circus, Sunshine Camp, Surviving a Disaster, Mary Rogers, Inhuman Company, Marjorie Brown, John Swing, J Evans & Bill Hatter
Vision and strategic orientation BEI, Sunshine Camp, Recession, Watt Leisure, International President, Global Bank, People Company, 20 Questions, Auto Company, Maxima, M Brown, J Evans & Bill Hatter, How come they make more money than me?
Result orientation with Executional excellence BEI, Sunshine Camp, Surviving a disaster, Global Bank, Mary H, Inhuman Company, 20 Questions, Auto Company, Global Raj, M Brown, John D, J Evans & Bill Hatter
Global mindset BEI, Recession, International President, Mary H, 20 questions, Global Raj, Social Assessment, John D

Select Set of Psychometric Tests

Name of Test
Basic Aptitude and Administration Test
Concept The test covers verbal usage, numerical, spatial, diagrammatic reasoning, visual analysis, and logical perspectives. Evaluates candidate’s capability to respond to questions in a short time frame. The questions operate on the basis of a data bank and depending upon the candidates scoring pattern questions on a dynamic basis are drawn from the bank and provided to the candidate while responding.
Applicability For Junior Management, Officers, Staff, Diploma Holders, ITI Operatives, Assistants, Supervisors, Call Center Operators, BPO first & second level recruits, support and administrative positions, secretarial capabilities and where basic aptitude is a requirement for selections/admission
Format On Line, web enabled and immediate reports. Report provides for averages, deviation, and minimum – maximum scores, demographic data based on age, qualification and sex.
No: of Questions Range from 30 to 90 questions
Degree of Difficulty Low to Medium
Timeline for Administration Between 20 to 60 Minutes