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110 – 60 Minute Behavioral Event Interview Training


110 – 60 Minute Behavioral Event Interview Training

60 Minutes – Intensive BEI Training/Counseling for Job Interviews – Customized BEI Counseling based on Job Role.

  1. The BEI Guide has an indicative list of questions which you can refer to in order to have a discussion with the BEI Candidates. Competency-wise indicative questions will be provided.
  2. A 60-minute counseling session will be held with one of our professional consultants to train you on BEI.
  3. A BEI Manual containing 10 Competencies and 100 BEI Questions to measure these 10 competencies.
  4. BEI Manual with 100 questions will be sent on completion of this training program as an E Book.
  5. 10 Competencies will be selected from a Competency Dictionary containing several 100 competencies including, Strategic Thinking, Team Orientation, Target and Goal Setting, People Relationship, Problem Solving, Decision Making, Supervision, Diversity Management, Integrity and Values, Communication, Business Acumen, Customer Orientation, People Development, Managerial Effectiveness, Inter Personal Skills, Crisis Management, Stakeholder Management etc….
  6. However, you will be recommended to use appropriate responses based on the flow of the actual discussion in a third party interview setting. Questions such as those provided below will be used to conduct a one on one training
  • What approach do you take for devising a strategy for any activity / initiative? Describe using a real life example when you used this approach?
  • What was the benefit you were trying to achieve on execution of your strategy?
  • What information did you use while devising the strategy? Mention an instance when you used the available information for devising a strategy?
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