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104 Global Education Counseling – Phase 4 Develop Skills and Competencies


104 Global Education Counseling – Phase 4 Develop Skills and Competencies

Self Help Workshops and Counseling for Developing Skills and Competencies
1. Art of “Communication Effectiveness”
2. Fr. Joseph Arroyo’s XLRIs –  “Leadership Lab” Best Practices
3. “Emotional Resilience Smart” Workshop
4. Adapting to the “Digital World – Digital Cultures – Age of the Intellect” – Best Practices from Best of Learning Institutions – Based on a Book by Dr. G Shermon
5. “Jim Sanders Cross Culture Change Adaptability” – Living and Fun in the World of Tomorrow. Learning to Adapt and Manage Change
6. “What Makes You Tick?” Personality Building Workshop.
Competitive Exam Appearance
7. Preliminary Shortlisting Schools based on Capability Mapping
8. Overview of Application Process
9. Common Application Strategies
10. Possible Schools to Target – Prep for Next Phase
11. RiiMagine “Capability Smart” – Competency Management Testing
 Learning Time – 30  Hours of Work

contact@RforC.com for a FEE QUOTE for this PHASE.

Alternative hourly Service: $299/hr


You are most welcome to choose an hourly rate too. Each of these can be structured to suit your needs. Should you still have questions, doubts or concerns or would like to consult on which package is the best for you, we are happy to suggest and provide you specific advice on which package is the right one for you. Feel free to reach out!  contact@RforC.com

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