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102 Global Education Counseling – Phase 2 Discovery and Affirmation


102 Global Education Counseling – Phase 2 Discovery and Affirmation

Counseling for Discovery and Affirmation
  1. First Level Writing “My Career” Essay
  2. In-depth Career Consulting – Choice of Careers and Education Market Outlook.
  3. Administration of “Jim Sanders Advanced Career Inventory V9” – Global Interpretation
  4. High School Certification Option Guidance – What works best for admissions discussion.
  5. “RiiMagine Advanced Aptitude and Personality Testing” – Administration and Learnings
  6. “Early Stage Learning Programs” while at school to advance selectability.
  7. Personality and Confidence Building – “RiiMagine Assess Smart”
  8. Culture and Characteristics of Universities” and Learnings
  9. “Looking into a Future” – What after Education/Certification or Qualification
  10. “Job Search” – Market Outlook and Overview
  11. Writing “Next Stage Who Am I and My Choice – My Life” Essays
Learning Time – 18 Hours of Work 
Alternative hourly Service: $299/hr

contact@RforC.com for a FEE QUOTE for this PHASE.



You are most welcome to choose an hourly rate too. Each of these can be structured to suit your needs. Should you still have questions, doubts or concerns or would like to consult on which package is the best for you, we are happy to suggest and provide you specific advice on which package is the right one for you. Feel free to reach out!  contact@RforC.com

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