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100 Global Education Counseling – Basics and Introductory Call


100 Global Education Counseling – Basics and Introductory Call

Counseling for Basics and Introduction to Global Education
1. As Is Analysis of “Student and Parents Expectation”
2. Understanding and “Overview of Global Education Market”
3. Ambition Aspiration Analysis – Administration of “RiverForest Career Planning Program V12”
Consulting  Face – Time – 4 Hours 
Total Time – 10 Hours
Includes 60 minutes of a preliminary call, and Administration and Analysis of Career Planning – Vocational Inventory. Administration of Test for 120 minutes, overseas interpretation, followed by 180 minutes of a potential fitment discussion on schools, colleges, and universities.


FEES are NON Refundable


You are most welcome to choose an hourly rate too. Each of these can be structured to suit your needs. Should you still have questions, doubts or concerns or would like to consult on which package is the best for you, we are happy to suggest and provide you specific advice on which package is the right one for you. Feel free to reach out!  contact@RforC.com

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