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Organizational Struggle – Organizations, may desire, hope or even pray, but seldom get time to adapt themselves to a rapidly changing business landscape. Thus, in the existing scenario, the impact of culture, smart talent, leadership as they inevitably engage with disruptions through technology cannot be overemphasized. Organizations need leadership which can make sense amidst this ambiguity, find patterns in the chaos and take charge to meet the desired end state of performance and value realization.

Business leaders, on the other hand, also need to address not only these challenges to skilfully manoeuvre their respective organizations to the next level but would need to be wary of the fact that in this battle for supremacy they are also on a headless chicken run against their competition. The days of marathons are over for many companies and business models; it is all about frequent bursts of 100 meters’ dash only.

And every leader wishes they could be an Usain Bolt. Increasingly there is a new generation of corporate life, which have become more dependent on the machine and its application. Their orientation to work life has become computer-centric, sometimes meaningless, cynical and self-defeating. Their orientation has been to move on and on into cyberspace, move into the knowledge-based business and hope to keep their psychic space intact.

Demographic SHIFTS of the 20th-century patterns have been influenced by choices made by double income families, population control in China, an emergence of BRICA countries, greater emphasis on governance at the political level, the changing profile of workforce and their expectations. There is an increasing reality of older, mature competencies, more tenured employees staying in the work place longer. A significant majority are now reaching to dangerously closer to their age of retirement exposing organizations to wide gaps in skills and competencies and are now presenting a real and present danger to business continuity in some critical workforce segments.

The possibility of this imminent exit and its implications are now becoming a true reality of organizational policy makers. Extrapolate. Exasperate. Enervate. Or be extravagant. This is not an exaggeration! The 20th-Century corporations cannot possibly prepare to enter the 21st Century without envisioning the coming 100—not to mention the 1,000 – years of management is obvious. To our mind, many 21st century corporations no longer can think the way they thought in the year 2000 or 2002, (Y2K, dot-com, or BPO or ATM banking for example).

BUT again, there is a CHOICE! Between reinventing, altered understanding of the business model, forward integrating from the here-and-now to predicting only a slightly altered future, leaping over logical barriers to prophesies a transformed tomorrow- for the corporation, for the CEO, for the manager, for the young and bright talent…indeed, for each and every activity of the company, smart talent is at the core!

At one end, smart talent will remain the substantiveneed of the customer, and at the other the core digital product offering of your company.

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