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Interview Preparedness - Questions you should ask

Being prepared to ask questions is critical. It establishes that you are keen and interested and would like to know more. It shows that you are prepared and planned. That you are seeking clarifications. Just as the prospective employer wishes to learn a great deal about you during the interview trip, so should you attempt to gain as much information as possible during this short period. You will want to know about the job and the company, but you should also take this opportunity to learn about the community. Following is a list of questions you might ask during the interview trip.

  • What would you consider as the greatest challenge in this job role?

  • How do think I should differentiate myself from the previous role incumbent?

  • What would you consider are some key cultural elements of your company that I should learn quickly?

  • What are somethings that are not not easily appreciated in the company?

  • What are those differentiated responsibilities/duties of the job, not normally listed in a job description?

  • What are the general working conditions?

  • What benefits does the company provide (insurance, medical, retirement, etc.)

  • How much vacation time is granted, and how is it scheduled?

  • Will I have the opportunity to travel as part of my work?

  • Does the company provide release time or tuition reimbursement for further education?

  • What are the opportunities for advancement beyond conventional career paths?

  • Is hierarchy a critical form of recognition?

  • How much turnover generally occurs?

  • How much responsibility will I be given?

  • What pressures are inherent in the job?

  • How much time will I have to spend to be really effective?

  • What does off work friendship/meeting mean to staff at the company? does it happen?

  • Are you a first name company? Is that a preferred option?


  • How many people live/work in the community?

  • In general, what is the cost of renting or buying housing? How much can I expect to pay for utilities each month?

  • What is the local/state tax structure?

  • What types of cultural and leisure opportunities are available?

  • Is mass transportation available? Is there a car park?

  • Are there a number of shopping centers here?

  • What is the climate like annually?

  • What is the overall standard and cost of living compared to the income being offered?

  • How is like to travel in the state? Are there some places to visit?

  • Do staff engage in off hour parties?

  • What is the meaning of fun at workplace in the company?

As much as possible, try to get a sense of how people feel about living and working in the community. Ask questions not only of company employees but to others with whom you come in contact during your stay. Remember, you may be making a decision about where you will be spending at least the next few years.

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