Managing People - Changing Leadership Styles

People Strategist - Driven need to motivate and keep people in the right frame of mind to be productive and happy. Focus on creating people oriented systems that enable a culture that brings individuals, teams and organizations together. Action oriented to demonstrate by action that concern for people enables organizations to perform above expectation. Long Term orientation to delivering value through people development, individualized tasks, creating an environment that is self-exhilarating.

Teacher - Driven by the need to make people, processes and systems learn from one another, interact to make a meaningful whole and are constantly seeking holistic behavior from organizational systems. Focus through clear policy perspectives and on delivering intellectual and performance value that sponsors native instincts, creative pursuits, feedback and review processes and encourages actions that facilitates results. Action oriented towards developing people competencies, ensures organizational competitiveness is appropriately managed by right people and makes organizational goals subservient to competency development. Long Term vision to build an organizational that can culturally sustain itself to teach, renew, learn, contribute in varying life cycles and has adequate organizational energy to grow with momentum.

Builder - Driven by encouraging things to be worked out, provides job clarity, coaches and rewards for performance. Focus on building for the future through institutional processes, demanding systems that connect organizational functions and works through structures that are streamlined, regulated and planned. Action oriented through appropriateness of actions driven by circumstance, enabling learning to be documented, creates knowledge sharing atmosphere, drives decisions through consensus and takes meaningful time to accomplish tasks. Long Term desire to make lasting organizations that can stream through economic and business life cycles and does not have the pressure to retain performance under all circumstance.

Visionary - Driven by vision, sharing strategic goals, communicates, shares values, distinctive concern for individual sensitivity and demonstrated by examples. Focus on competitiveness, some collaboration, business models that are appropriate and accepted by people and goals that have been worked to individual and organizational advantage. Action oriented to make people accept the overall good, establishes concreteness to tasks to be accomplished, yet merciless in search of meritocracy. Long Term priority to build organizational wealth, individual intellect, collective wisdom, sustainable business model and overall organizational effectiveness parameters.

A Digital Culture influences leadership styles Such an organization values history and tradition. The organization is built upon stories that lasts over time and that is believed and revered by people as important learning of the past. In the organization time is not an important consideration, as it is perceived to be relative to the tasks and is managed appropriately as long as basic human processes are followed. The organization emphasizes an appropriate management style that foster learning. The organization focuses on learning environments that involves brings together intellect, knowledge, systemic processes, personal mastery and role models. The climate is conducive and non-threatening to share successes and failures and is not a performance consideration. The organization believes in creating effective structures and hierarchies that provides clarity to roles, responsibilities, tasks and actions. The organization has effective communication channels, with and without boundaries, people enjoy communicating in relation to business and tasks to be accomplished. A leadership and management that pays attention to high performance lead the organization. The organization believes in swift and effective communication, work long hours to conclude tasks, people live at work, identify with winning and use all resources at one’s disposal to accomplish tasks. The organization emphasizes an appropriate management style that foster learning. The organization focuses on learning environments that involves brings together intellect, knowledge, systemic processes, personal mastery and role models. Let us take a look at some evolving leadership styles in a digital culture Manager - Driven by institutionalizing policies that provide clarity to goals, tasks and manages a team through maintaining status quo through conflicting circumstance and taking decisions that involve retaining established norms and practices. Focus on building loyalty through establishing people oriented systems that enable handling tasks that are individually focused. Action oriented to enable easy and smooth management of the organization, streamlines administrative processes, establishes a string back office operations organization and manages customer oriented roles through follow procedure route. Long Term desire to make organizational working built on strong fundamentals of bureaucracy, frameworks and management styles. Scientist - Driven by the urge to create, make actions intellectually dominant, treats developmental processes a predominant organizational factor and is willing to compromise for nothing other than intellectual superiority in actions. Focus on attracting and nurturing talent, systems and processes that are of utility today and tomorrow, more tomorrow, and is willing to absorb the costs of human and organizational process costs as a necessary condition of managing the human mind. Action oriented to demonstrate merit and results supersedes all other performance factors, does not believe in means as an important consideration while acting upon information and manages rewards as a necessary evil in people management processes. Long Term desire to create a self-propelling organization that has internal renewal capability to prod organizational performance, individual effectiveness and shareholder satisfaction. Technocrat - Driven by engineering sciences, that technology provides solutions to complex organizational problems and believes in logic and rationality as desired attitudes. Focus on adding technical and functional values to business situations enables competency development that is vertical and incisive and promotes organizations to drive business through technological excellence. Action through individualized working, avoiding teams and consequent inefficiencies, meets deadlines under all circumstance and seeks the best. Long Term desire to make people processes subservient to technological processes and works towards eliminating elaborate actions that involve meetings, group work, communication forums and large scale explanation to actions. Driver - Driven by a performance system that overrides all other considerations and makes individual targets an important element achieving results. Focus on priorities that are determined quickly, followed through decisively and ensure that different parts of the organization are focused on their own deliverables. Action oriented to provide criteria for success and failures and ensures it is adequately communicated and holds accountability on streamlined systemic norms. Long Term orientation to retain competitive advantage by providing profitability through consistent intervals and prefers revenue to growth.

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