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Competency to Measure - Group Cooperation Collaboration - National Telecom Inc.

National Telecom Inc.

TIME – 90 Minutes

Roger Smith, Business Head of Telecom Operations (National Telecom Inc.) for Western Canada was walking out of P T Canada Psychometric Testing event at Oakville, ON. He was keen to hire new recruits with a specific temperament to deal with some of the issues in his team. For example, goal orientation, target focus, problem solving, decisiveness, innovation, strategic thinking, contingency planning and customer care

He has just been handed over a set of results for 12 new recruits with a brief overview of their personality types and behaviors. Trevor Little, Corporate CHRO, has requested Roger Smith to ask his colleagues to select their team from this list of new 12 recruits.

Roger called in his 6 direct reports and requested them to meet and decide who would they select from this list of 12 new recruits. Details pertaining to the new recruits and the Rogers team is provided below;

Direct Reports – Names – Only Initials provided.

1. Head of Sales –SS – Needs 4 New Recruits

2. Head of Planning – PP - – Needs 3 New Recruits

3. Head of Accounting – AA - – Needs 4 New Recruits

4. Head of Human Resources – HR - – Needs 4 New Recruits

5. Head of Customer Service – CS - – Needs 2 New Recruits

6. Head of Operations – OO - – Needs 1 New Recruits


New Recruit - Sheela Dawson

1. Each Individual Must Understand the Total Problem

2. Recognition of A Common Goal

3. Recognition of Interdependence

4. Understanding How I Can Contribute to Goals

5. Understanding Potential Contribution of Others


New Recruits - Mildred Thomas, Frank Wilton

1. Sensitivity to One’s Own and Others Needs

2. Empathic Understanding

3. Belongingness In The Group

4. Risk Taking; Sacrificing One’s Interests

5. Generosity to Give; Humility To Accept

6. Respect for individuality


New Recruits - Lucy Roberts, Kalpana Kapoor, Ralph Moore

1. Communicating and transacting

2. Giving and receiving feedback

3. Trying out new behaviors

4. Supporting and helping

5. Coordinating leadership; initiative


You are a team of Direct Reports to Roger Smith. As a team you have a need for 18 new recruits critical for your function, achievement of your goals and meeting with customer satisfaction needs. You have 60 minutes to DISCUSS as a GROUP, INTERPRET, DEBATE and agree on allocation of new recruits amongst yourselves.

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