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Case Study - Competency to Measure - Problem Solving - RIMAG Financial Services

Problem Solving

RIMAG Financial Services

TIME – 60 Minutes

You are the newly appointed officer in charge of the RIMAG Financial Services branch located in an affluent, suburban neighborhood in New York. Many of the customers of this branch tend to be wealthy people who have a “favorite” teller whom they go to for all their business.

While you were talking with a teller yesterday, you commented on her watch, which is somewhat unique. She said, “Thank you. “Jane Mary” gave me the watch a few months ago as a gift. She said it was her way of showing her appreciation for the quick service I give her.”

You know that RIMAG Financial Services policy specifically forbids staff members from accepting gift from customers. Exceptions are permitted in some places where gift giving is a strong local custom, but even then only inexpensive gifts are allowed.

Jane Mary, whose husband is president of a large company in the city, is one of your best customers. There is reason to believe she would be offended if her gift were returned. However, you know that the watch is more than a courtesy gift (it retails for about $175.00) and therefore some action must be taken.

What course of action would you follow?

  1. Tell the teller to return the gift to Jane Mary and to explain that it is against the bank’s policy for employees to accept gift from customers.

  2. You decide to call Jane Mary and explain that the watch must be returned because of bank policy.

  3. Let the teller keeps the watch, but instruct her not to let any co-workers know it was a gift from a customer.

  4. None of the above. I would be sure that all staff is aware of the bank’s policy on acceptance of gifts. In this situation, since the Teller has had the watch for a while and the Customer would notice if she stopped wearing it, I would let the Teller keep the watch.

  5. Think of a unique way and that would be..

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