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Behavioral Interview - Competency to Measure - Leading


Behavioral Event Interview - David McClelland created an interviewing technique to identify the competencies of average and superior performers.

The Behavioral Event Interview process asks a subject to describe three peak successes and three major failures in a short-story fashion. Trained facilitators ask a series of structured questions of job incumbents to determine the similarities of average performers to superior performers.

The interviewer acts as an investigative reporter asking several questions. Several sets of interviews are conducted for each position in order to collect the necessary & relevant data. Targeted BEIs use questions designed to focus candidates on incidents likely to reveal competencies pertinent to the job being filled.

Another time-and-cost-saving technique is training the interviewer to recognize and code emotional competencies during the interview. The challenge, however, is to find someone very experienced in the BEI technique who is able to handle both the interviewing and coding tasks.

Set challenges within own parameters

• Have you ever had a reporting colleague who did not perform as well as you thought they should? What did you do about it?

Coaching and Mentoring

• Have you ever had to arbitrate between two staff members who were unable to work together? How did you get them to cooperate?

Managing Meetings

• How often do you hold meetings with your staff? Why not more/less often? How did you prepare for the last meeting?

Compliance to Policies

• Have you ever involved your staff in issues of company policy? How did you go about this?

Peer Collaboration and Working

• Have you ever lead a work group or project team whose members were not lower-placed than yourself in the organizational hierarchy? How did you manage this?

Handling Target Failures

• Has it ever happened that targets were not met while you were in charge or had final responsibility? What did you do then?

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