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Behavioral Interview - BEI - Competency - Problem Analysis and Resolution

Problem Analysis and Resolution

Identify Problems

  • Describe a significant problem that you were confronted with during the past year? What steps did you take to assemble and organize data? What do you consider to be the cause of the problem?


  • Unforeseen problems sometimes arise. Have you ever been surprised by an unexpected problem?

  • Have you ever been confronted with a situation which turned out to be very different (and perhaps more complicated) than you had at first judged?

Diagnosis of a Problem

  • Sometimes a problem seems to have been solved when in fact only part of a far more extensive, underlying problem has been dealt with. Have you ever experienced a situation like this?

Dealing with Complexity

  • Can you describe a problem that you were unable to solve?

  • Have you come across a problem that was far too difficult for your to solve? How did you handle that situation?

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