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Inter Continental Gas Company – Sample Case Let for Assessments (Small)


Inter Continental Gas Company – Sample Case Let for Assessments (Small)

Inter Continental Gas Company

Roger Smith, the Head of Operations for Nizwa Branch was a disturbed person this morning. The Gas Controller from the head office had informed Roger that a new order for International Manufacturers Limited (IML) had demanded that the gas supply for this month should not have a shortfall or drop in pressure because of their increased summer month’s production schedule. The work for IML would mean another non-stop working for another period for 2 months.

Just this morning three Electrical & Instrumentation Technicians, One ROW Inspector and One Pipeline Technician out of a total team of 12 had applied for leave. Each of them has a valid reason for their leave application. The E & I technicians have been working for the last 15 months without having taken a vacation or any short-term leave. They have completely planned for their 6 weeks vacation, booked air tickets, made hotel reservations, paid for all such expenses and were ready to leave. They had also spoken to Roger 3 weeks back and taken his permission to apply for leave. The ROW Inspector has an unfortunate death in his family and has to leave for Belfast immediately and stay in Belfast for the next 10 days. The pipeline technician, Jane, was getting married and had applied for leave 3 months back. All were planning to leave in the next 3 days.

The remaining technicians were willing to work but most of them were trainees and did not have adequate experience to manage the area without any problems. You have no extra budget to pay for extra time or incur any additional costs.

If, you were Roger Smith, the Head of Operations for Lansdowne Branch what will you do? How will you solve this manpower problem as a team without compromising customer needs?

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