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RPO Process

We will be your 100% Recruiters. For all Hiring Needs. Be accountable as your own and more. Here is a great opportunity to get your professional HR specialists to focus on their business needs and strategies. Let RiverForest Connections manage your talent requirements. We have extensive management consulting and operational HR experience to provide a cost-effective recruiting outcomes includes HR actions where required.


Eight Step RPO Process

  1. Client Organization Priority Matrix,
  2. Competitive Landscape Alignment,
  3. Job Role Identification,
  4. Recruiting Team Selection,
  5. KPI and Targets,
  6. Socialization and Integration
  7. Test Case Period,
  8. Confirmation and Start-Up.

Recruiting Top Talent is as complex as understanding the way Business Organizations work.

Search for candidates using a combination of databases, portals, job boards, referrals, benchmarking, talent intelligence, talent spotters, network searches, social media and personal contacts.

Identify an extensive list of target, competing and sector oriented companies and research the organization structure in the appropriate functions.

Our research centers utilize an extensive database, which contains a wide variety job-related information and proprietary sources of information which is continually updated.

To accentuate the overall partnership approach, the internal candidate is added to the common pool of candidates who are then assessed on their own merits evaluated comparatively to the entire candidate pool.

Search for previously identified appropriate individuals along with referrals to probable candidates.

We employ fair market practices and ensure equal opportunities to well-qualified candidates including women and minority candidates.

The candidates are evaluated to to obtain a realistic understanding of their skill sets, behavioral characteristics and growth potential for the position & prioritize competencies to track individuals’ abilities.

This is a Behavioral Performance Test widely used by business organizations for selections, training, capability development, career planning & promotions and will be made available to you for all final interview candidates.

The individuals best qualified for this position will be presented to you in person for consideration. Normally the initial meeting with you will be followed by in-depth interviews with yourself and others, as appropriate, to select the candidate who best satisfies the needs of the position. The client always makes the final selection and offer of employment.

Our role will be to assist the candidate in documenting observations and clearly communicating goals and the resources needed to achieve those goals.

As a client, you have the option of requesting a criminal – antecedent background and/or credit check on candidates.

We will help you construct a competitive employment offer, present it to the chosen candidate and also offer negotiations on your behalf.

RiverForest Connections will engage with you through the early stages of the hired candidate to monitor his/her performance, socialization and settling in process.