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Kavita Shermon

Dr. Kavita Shermon who joined the firm as a Country Head and Managing Director since 1992 manages Global Operations. With venture capital funding, the firm is now poised for aggressive growth. We now have offices in India, USA and Canada. The firm with several professional recruiters, over 60 Consultants, Hiring Specialists, Sector Leads, Retained Assessors, Associates, of which many are resource persons, talent mappers, functional practitioners and academic researchers. Furthermore, all of our staff has been trained in the “best practices” for Contingent Hiring, Executive Search, Talent Mapped Search, Target Hires, Board Appointment, Diversity Best Practices, Campus Hires, Staffing and RPO Recruiting industry. Organizational Leadership consists of Prachi Singh, Mansi Jani, Namrata Keswani, Hemdeep Prajapati and Sheila Dubey. Offsite Leadership is provided by Deepa Sood.

Dr. Ganesh Shermon, author and thought contributor, Senior Partner and Country Head with KPMG LLP has taken responsibility as Managing Partner for Client Management, Global Business Development, Recruiter Training and Bridging Processes between Client and RiverForest. Leadership at RiverForest is all about Empowerment. GS also Manages all inter corporate investments, off-shoring,  and client deliverables to US and Canadian clients with RiverForest Investments, Schooley Mitchell RiverForest, RiiMAGINE Inc., Psychometric Testing Canada Inc. RiverForest Group Companies in Canada and USA. With an ALL Girl team the company prides it self as a benchmark for empowerment, autonomy and inclusiveness.


  1. Digital Cultures: Age of the Intellect – http://bit.ly/2jL6Drh
  2. Leadership Disrupted – Digital Organizations – http://amzn.to/2kB167j
  3. Business of Staffing – A Talent Agenda with Kavita Shermon http://bit.ly/1SSiEah
  4. Psychometrics for Leadership – Time for Testing – http://bit.ly/2k4hzxU
  5. Competency-Based HRM – A Strategic Resource for Competency Mapping – http://amzn.to/2l6lSZl
  6. Assessments – 4 Week Activities Manual – http://bit.ly/2sKI00c
  7. Knowledge Human Resources Management – Strategy Structure Perspective  http://bit.ly/2xd27bZ
  8. Star Track 100 – A 21st Century Leadership Manual – http://bit.ly/2rbmqE3
  9. Hi Po Talent Competencies – Financial Services – http://bit.ly/2wmThVd
  10. Gamification Competency Assessments – Life Sciences – http://bit.ly/2h4hlpX
  11. Digital Talent – Business Models and Competencies – http://bit.ly/2yNUR4I
  12. Sales Force Effectiveness – A Recruiter Trainer Magic – Jim Sandershttp://amzn.to/2kdoNUF & http://bit.ly/2py4BKK
  13. Gamification Competencies – Life Sciences –  http://amzn.to/2xIeYUq
  14. Gamification of Assessments – Financial Services – http://amzn.to/2xHvIuZ
  15. Digital Talent – Competencies & Business Models – http://amzn.to/2fBKrga

Anavir Shermon’s co-authoring contributions include;

  1. Talent Mapping – Competency Based Workforce Planning – http://bit.ly/2h65o4m
  2. Leadership Center – An Employee Experience – http://bit.ly/2hVzyWq
  3. Strategic Talent – A Recruitment Competency Handbook – http://bit.ly/2hmJ7x3
  4. Talent Assessments – A Manual of Competency Based Assessments – http://bit.ly/2hPtUW8
  5. Assessing Talent Pipeline – A Succession Pipeline – http://amzn.to/2q09wrD
  6. Unlock Talent Leadership – http://bit.ly/2faJprA ; http://amzn.to/2xWQbJl